Mirabilia Urbis

— Walk through the ruins of Contemporary

MATERIALS/ market trolley, wood and diverse objects
DIMENSIONS/ variable dimensions
BY/ Stalker and Studio Roma 2016, Istituto Svizzero di Roma
PLACE/ Rome, Italy
DATES/ March 2016
PARTICIPANTS/ Antoine Guay, Aurélien Reymond
CREDITS/ photos: Nathan Lachavanne, Aurélien Reymond. Map collage: Christof Nüssli

The architects and scholars collective Stalker initiated a specific methodology for urban research based on the construction of a collective imagination for a place. They particularly developed the method of collective walking to set territories in motion, which is a process for them to bring space into being. Stalker introduces means of self-organising that create friendly, social spaces by using creative tools of mapmaking, walking, interventions and participation.

We proposed specific tools to support a three days walk through contemporary ruins in the city of Rome. Those tools contributed to social interactions by focusing on three social and experimental moments: coffee break, rethinking city and entertainment. Three re-shaped market trolleys carried these three daily functions. The walk lasted for three days in Rome, without any schedule; only a starting and a final point. Mapmaking was the main principle.

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